Spa-Like Hair Removal At Home? Can It Be Done?

There are a few As Seen on TV products that offer hair removal services like you’d get at a spa, but through a product that you can use at home. Many of these products utilize a light source as the method of removing the hair. It’s kind of like a laser treatment, except safer and with fewer side effects because the skin itself isn’t affected. These products work by literally burning the hair out of the skin. Over time, this kills the hair.

hair-removal-productsAre these at home spa products that you see on TV the best way to remove hair?

Watch Out For Your Joints!

The biggest problem with these products that burn out the hair from your body is that they don’t work very well over the joints. They will, in fact, burn you if you leave the application on for even just a fraction of a second too long!

Considering the joints are also one of the biggest problem areas for both men and women, the fact that you’ve basically got to avoid these areas to avoid injury will throw up some red flags to some people.

The Cost of These Hair Removal Products Is Astounding!

The commercials for these spa-like products are pretty amazing! What they don’t tell you is the cost of the product itself if you’ve decided to buy it.

The basic unit itself can cost up to $300 and that doesn’t include the replacement tips and buffering pads that you need to use regularly in order to maximize your results. Refills often cost about 10% of the initial cost of the unit, so a $300 at-home spa hair removal product would generally have $30 refills. Buy the product and the refill every other month as recommended and you’re out $480 the first year and $180 each year thereafter.

Compared to the cost of constant spa treatments, this is a competitive price. Compared to other methods that you can do at home you may find at, however, the cost of the product becomes an issue for many.

The Smell of Burning Hair? That’s Normal!

One of the biggest complaints that men and women have regarding the use of a cream depilatory is the chemical smell of the product.

How is a chemical smell any different than the smell of burning hair when using an at-home spa product like you can find on the television?

It’s true that the spa products aren’t going to have the chemicals of a cream, but a cream isn’t going to literally burn you like a curling iron if you get the hair removal at home technique just a little bit wrong!

Ultimately, It is more about personal preference than anything else.

What is the right method for one person might not be the right method for another. The most important thing to do is try each product for yourself, determine which one works the best, and avoid products that have known allergens or irritants for you. That’s the best way to get rid of unwanted hair, whether it’s a spa-like treatment or a basic razor!

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